The Four Best Rolex Watches to Travel With

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As an official Rolex retailer, Packouz Jewelers carries a wide selection of contemporary Rolex timepieces. As many of you enjoy exploring far corners of the globe by air, land, and sea, here are my recommendations for the best Rolex watches to travel with.

Rolex GMT-Master II

When commercial jetliners began flying further distances in the mid-20th century, Pan Am airlines requested Rolex to develop a professional watch for their pilots to use on the job. So the Swiss watch company obliged and unveiled the GMT-Master pilot’s watch in 1955. The watch provided a way for aviators to easily read two time zones simultaneously thanks to a clever combination of a rotating 24-hour bezel and a 24-hour hand on the dial.

GMT-Master II

Today, the GMT-Master II watches—which now allow wearers to keep track of three time zones—are enjoyed by an audience well beyond professional aviators and are especially appreciated by those who travel often. Just this year, Rolex released three brand new GMT-Master watches in Oystersteel, Everose gold, and two-tone Everose gold and steel, each with ultra-modern Cerachrom ceramic bezels. Depending on your personal style, any of these three new-generation Rolex GMT-Master II watches would be a great addition to your traveling gear.

Rolex Explorer II

First conceived as a watch for cave and polar explorers, the Rolex Explorer II made its debut in 1971. Boasting a slew of practical features such as a highly luminescent dial, a large arrow-tipped 24-hour hand, and a fixed 24-hour bezel, the Explorer II allowed wearers to differentiate between day and night hours when looking at the sky wasn’t an option.

Explorer II

The current iteration of the Explorer II—exclusively available in Oystersteel and with a choice of a white or black dial—is one of the more robust sports watches in the Rolex lineup. The contemporary Explorer II is especially practical for globetrotting adventurers since the extra 24-hour hand can point to another time zone on the 24-hour engraved bezel.

Rolex Sky-Dweller

The newest watch collection to join the Rolex catalog, the Sky-Dweller has only been around since 2012. Along with being the newest Rolex watch, the Sky-Dweller is also one of the brand’s most complex, providing a technically intricate but easy-to-use annual calendar feature.

Rolex Sky-Dweller

Once glance at the dial will tell you the local time, a second time zone, the date, and the month. Plus, as an annual calendar, the Sky-Dweller only requires one hands-on adjustment per year—when February turns into March. You can choose from yellow gold, white gold, Everose gold, Oystersteel, and Rolesor gold and steel versions of the Sky-Dweller.

Rolex Cellini Dual Time

 Finally, if you’re looking for a supremely elegant Rolex watch that also displays two time zones, then the Cellini Dual Time may be just what you need.

Offered in white or Everose gold, both fitted with handsome leather straps, the Cellini Dual Time watches include stunning guilloche dials that house the center hands to display the local time, along with a subdial to indicate a secondary time zone complete with a day/night aperture.

Cellini Dual Time

Whether you’re away and want to keep tabs on home time or are at home and need to know the time in another far-flung city, there’s a Rolex watch that’s just right for you. Visit us at Packouz Jewelers and we’d be delighted to help you find the perfect Rolex watch to suit your traveling style.

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